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Chemistry is about matter composition. Knowing the relationship between structure and properties is the basis to design new materials with enhanced properties and to give an answer to our society challenges.

We use research, project development and marketing to generate new innovative products, adapted to people requirements and needs

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One of the most important knowledges is the ability of knowing how to do. Besides science, we are experts in innovation project management with Lean Startup methodologies. To get the goal


We are focused on development of innovative products or technologies that incorporate physic-chemical processes, in which we can combine available technologies with “state of the art” achievements, depending on


We are keen on challenges. We are always seeking new technologic solutions to everyday problems, which results in our own products like AISBER or BABOWA.

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Aisber 33
Aisber 33
Aisber 33

Babowa is an instant heater for baby bottles, able to heat it in five minutes. It is a patented product in marketing and prototyping stage.

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